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Fencing competitions in the UK may be advertised in more than one place, so these are good places to start if you’re looking for details about a particular competition:

British Fencing competition calendar

All entries competition calendar

Fencing Competitions UK Facebook group


If you or your child is learning to fence, or you’re returning to fencing after a period away, you may want to buy equipment for personal use – this can be expensive and what you need to buy may vary, depending on a number of factors. We suggest you speak with a coach or more experienced club member before making any purchases, to be sure what you’re buying suits your needs.

Leon Paul – the main source for fencing equipment in the UK, with online sales and also a shop based at their factory in London.

Allstar-Uhlmann – selling online and a shop in Slough.

Swords Fencing Equipment – online sales only.

PBT – online sales and a shop in Aldershot.

Sword Pricefighters – online sales only.

Excalibur Sports – online sales only